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My name's Todd Yu, and this is my personal website


About Me

Hi there, my name's Todd Yu and I'm a student at UC Berkeley studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS).

A Passion for Learning and Desire to Build.

I enjoy hacking together software projects in my free time. I'm experienced in FrontEnd, BackEnd, and Full Stack development.

  • Cloud Technologies

    I prefer to use Cloud Technologies such as Google Cloud to build and deploy my applications running Python, Java, and other languages.

  • Modern Architectures and Frameworks

    My projects use lean, fast, scalable, frameworks such as Angular, Express JS, and both SQL and NoSQL databases.

As a student at UC Berkeley, I constantly strive to learn whatever I can, however I can. Usually, this means spending Sunday afternoons reading documentation and hacking together random projects. I have previous software engineering internship experience (click the resume in the top right), as well as experience in serving on course staff for UC Berkeley's Computer Science Courses such as CS61A. In my free time, I like to read, lift weights, hike, and volunteer for organizations such as Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) at UC Berkeley.

Proficiency Levels

Python 90%
Java 95%
HTML 75%
CSS 70%
JavaScript/TypeScript 80%
Node.JS, Express.JS 60%
C 70%
SQL (mySQL, PostgresSQL)50%
Angular 95%
Firebase, MongoDB (NoSQL) 50%

Version Control

Git, Github, BitBucket, Npm

Cloud Technologies

Google Cloud, Google App Engine


Flask, Numpy, SciPy, RxJS, NgRx, Express.JS, BeautifulSoup, Angular

Server Side

Architectures such as restful API architecture


Check out my Technical Projects

This is a mixture of school and personal projects. A few are still in progress, but feel free to check them out on Github!

Distributed Version Control System

A general-purpose distributed version control system written in Java. Supports features such as commits, branching, merging, push/pull from remotes, and more. Uses custom data structures, SHA1 encoder, Java IO Files, and more. Contact me for source code.

Staffable RestAPI Server

A lightweight, powerful Web Server designed to service's IOS App FrontEnd. Uses Python's Flask Library to serve HTTP Requests and Google Firebase as a NoSQL Database. Check it out on Github!

Intelligent Article Chrome Extension

A Google Chrome Extension featuring Google Cloud Natural Language Processing. Intelligently analyzes current webpage using script injection and recommends articles. Built with Google Chrome, Python (Flask), Google Cloud NLP, and NoSQL (Firebase). Still in progress, but check it out on Github!


Application designed to help facilitate meetups built by a group of UC Berkeley students (including me). Built on Google App Engine using Node.JS, Express, Angular, Google Cloud MySQL, ReactNative (mobile) deployed on Google App Engine. Still in progress, but check out the Github repos!

Generate a Dad Joke

Thanks for reading this far. Click me to generate a random Dad Joke and brighten up your day.

Space Invaders!

Classic Space Invaders, built with PyGame and lots of Python. Supports various levels, settings, difficulties, and best of all, LASERS. Check it out on Github!


Courses taken at UC Berkeley

Here's a list of all courses I've taken, technical and nontechnical. Note: last updated 07/2020, contact me for updated list.

  • All
  • Technical
  • NonTechnical


Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs


Data Structures and Algorithms


Machine Structures

Classic R44

Roots of Western Civilization (History/Philosophy)

EECS 16A/16B

Designing Information Devices and Systems

Econ 1



Discrete Mathematics and Probability

History 122AC

Antebellum America


Introduction to the EECS Stack


Activities outside of School

Outside of Academics

UC Berkeley CS61A Course Staff

Course Tutor

Computer Science Mentors at Berkeley

Computer Science Mentor

Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) at Berkeley

Industrial Relations Officier

Reading Books and Working Out

because why not :)


CS61A Fa20 Weekly Updates

Find the latest CS61A material from section here, or bug me to update my website if it's not posted.


  • Tutorial: Wed 3-5pm
  • CSM Section: Tues 1-2pm
  • Office Hours: Monday 3-4pm, Thursday 4-5pm
  • Project/Lab Party: N/A
  • HKN Office Hours:


  • If you're interested in connecting
  • outside of CS61A, check out
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Frequently Asked Questions

There really aren't any... but feel free to email me with any technical or other questions. Always happy to chat.